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Coimbra Ceramics

It is a faience with a very soft and regular texture, with handmade paintings in the colors of blue-cobalt,

brown, green and yellow, reproducing originals from the XVth Century (hispanic-arab influence)

and XVIIth Century (representing hunting motifs).


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Bordallo Pinheiro's Artistic Faience

Raphael Bordallo-Pinheiro (1846-1905), Portuguese artist with a vast work in many publications,
he was the precursor of the artistic poster in Portugal. Painter, watercolorist, illustrator, journalist,
ceramist and teacher, his name is intimately connected to Portuguese caricature. He is the author of the popular representation of "Zé Povinho", which later became a symbol of the Portuguese people.


The artist Raphael Bordallo-Pinheiro, a well known and respected ceramist dedicated most of his life to the production of artwork which conquered a personal mark seal. His work left of jars, vases, water-vases, pots, dishes and other artwork demonstrated his skills and creativity. Today, the "Bordallo Pinheiro's Artistic Faience", factory founded in 1884, still uses a great part of the centennial techniques in the reproduction of the models created by Bordallo Pinheiro and goes on with the recovery of an irreplaceable legacy.




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Luís Soares

We have many art objects from the artist Luís Soares, the creator of the famous Ceramicarte -
The Art Ceramics of Cascais.

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Carlos + Branca

Ceramic design articles for daily use or decoration, signed by Carlos Afonso & Branca Carvalho.


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